Presentation of the City AGADIR

    Agadir is a town in south-west Morocco, located on the Atlantic coast 508 km south of Casablanca, 173 km from Essaouira, and 235 km to the west Of Marrakech. Agadir is the capital of the Sous-Massa-Drâa administrative region and the headquarters of Agadir Ida-Outanane Prefecture.

    Agadir is one of the main urban centers of Morocco, the sixth largest city in the country after Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, Marrakech and Tangier. Four languages are used in the city: Arabic, Berber, French and English. Ravaged by an earthquake in 1960, the city was completely rebuilt. Agadir is today one of the biggest seaside resorts of Morocco where tourists come numerous, attracted by an exceptionally mild climate throughout the year.




Objectives and Context of the Conference


Cryptology is a mathematical science that defines the core of many cryptographic and computing applications. These unexpected mathematical applications have become an essential cornerstone for ensuring IT security objectives in virtual spaces. Of course, the evolution of emerging applications has made the communication environment more complicated, requiring more advanced security mechanisms. These multiple interactions are often diverse, reflecting the sensitivity of data exposed by these applications that carries attractive patterns to sophisticated computer attacks. These concerns are profoundly engaging business security issues to protect the privacy of these Internet users, also, to bring more credibility to these images internationally.

    The technology revolution has made businesses more open and accessible through cyberspace services. This information technology has become more relevant to their sustainable development. Rather, the increased security of its computer systems against criminal activity remains a challenge that has no borders. This is one of the areas of greatest concern in research laboratories and companies. Indeed, the privacy of Internet users is an inter-linked chain requiring a level of security combining a set of theoretical, technical, organizational, legal and human means. The aim is to have an in-depth view of all the basic elements that make up and contribute to the security of information systems within companies.

     The evolving nature and complexity of the threats of cybercrime are real challenges for cybersecurity requiring sophisticated cyber defenses. We are convinced by this scientific event to bring together experts in Mathematics and Informatics around themes contributing to the protection of information systems on the web. We want to create a space for reflection and exchange of information on different areas of Cryptology, Computer Security and Applications. This edition is intended to innovate secure collaborative solutions capable of preserving any environment of information systems.

     The International Conference on Cryptology and Computer Security (I3CSA), organized by Team of Security, Cryptography, Access Control and Modeling (SCCAM)  in Agadir, provides an opportunity for international exchange and sharing in the field of computer security.

     The conference will take place in the form of lectures by nationally and internationally renowned researchers and experts, oral and poster presentations.

     In a framework of research, development and innovation, the "I3CSA" conference is a scientific opportunity for academic researchers and also professionals in the field of information systems security to confront the latest scientific advances, needs and challenges in cryptology, Security, and protection of sensitive infrastructure and data. It aims to put into effect the different research themes, to strengthen the exchange of know-how between Moroccan and foreign researchers and to work together to develop international solutions to tackle the problems encountered.


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